Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two records I'm looking forward to.

There's a very simple occasion for this here post: two records I'm quite keen on will be seeing the light of day shortly.

  • Crossover's last album, Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion on International Deejay Gigolo Records floored me, and said album still gets regular play on my stereo system. That being said, it's been a good few years since that one came out and they're about due for a new full length. Lord knows, it's been long awaited in quite a few circles. Anyways, the nomadic duo in Crossover set up shop in Portland not too long ago and recorded their new album, Space Death, over there. I've had the pleasure to of working with Dez on a few projects, as he's done the layout for both Mt Sims records we released on Hungry Eye. He also pretty single-handed saved the Missing Foundation project we've been working on for years since he came in and did a bang up job on the layout after that had gotten tied up for way too long. I'm confident Space Death will just as regularly find its way onto my CD player as its predecessor. It's on pre-order now from Punch Records in Italy.

  • You don't have to look far to find my last post on Silk Flowers, written shortly after they came into town with No Age and Soft Circle. They brought along their brand new, self-released 7" on that trip, and in the meantime they've got another 7" in tow. This time it's on Dean of No Age's label Post Present Medium. Much like the other 7", this one's sporting a cover of a smashed mask, this time facing the wrath of a combat boot. (Like the Agnostic Front "skinhead" shirt? Can push that unlikely AF comparison any further??)

    Seriously, though, it's apparent that Silk Flowers is a band to be on the lookout for. Look for a forthcoming LP on PPM sometime in 2009 that will seal the deal. And you can follow the band's blog to monitor their comings and goings.

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