Friday, April 06, 2007

The Transisters

I got this 4 song demo from this nice Venitian fellas the Transisters after digging the tracks they had up on the internet. Giving a good listen to the demo made me rethink the trip these guys are on. They definitely have a jangly, nervous post-punk thing going on, and have obviously listened to plenty of the Fall, but that aesthetic is filtered through some late 80's DC influences with song structures that seem to owe a lot to the post-rock I'd associate with Constellation Records. While the 4 tracks on this demo, especially the standout "Walking on a Black Hole", have a taught, Wire-esque rhythm with sputtering synthesizers throughout, the two guitars volley for the lead while two singers anxiously trade vocal lines. I hear they're in the process of recording a new record, which might be a good idea to keep your eyes open for.

the Transisters on the web



Some of those electro bands treading on the darker side of the street have been doing well for themselves in the past few years, as attested to by the success of the likes of Adult., Colder, Mt. Sims, or that Miss Kittin and the Hacker collaboration; the nomadic duo Crossover deserves to be up there on that list. I have to admit catching on a little bit late as there's already two albums out through International DJ Gigolo Records that left quite the impression on me. Their approach varies on the 14 songs that compose their last album "Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast off into Oblivion", but the beats are always simple and their attack is rather subtle and laid back; no overly layered synthesizers or complicated programming. But it's eerily direct with whereas some of those above mentioned bands are known for evoking a neurotic atmosphere, Crossover sounds much more sensual; almost decadent. They just dropped some new material, which it seems like they released on their own; pick it up!

Crossover on myspace

Video for "Over Exposure"

Video for "Apples on a Stick"