Friday, January 25, 2008

Misc stuff regarding Agent Side Grinder

Their 7" on Enfant Terrible left a nice impression, so i scribbled down a review I intended to post. Now I'm hearing about a video that's been done for a new song.... which of course I will post below. To multi-task, I should also let you know that the band will have a full length out on Enfant Terrible in the coming months, which, as with most ET releases, will be quite limited. That means you'll have to track down a copy quickly. I will be trying to do the same.

Agent Side Grinder- Me, Me, and Me b/w Ricochetting Memories 7"
Enfant Terrible and Hex mastermind Matijn Van Gessel sure knows how to pick them. Sweden's Agent Side Grinder play some driving and synth-heavy cold-wave/ post-punk that brings DAF to mind in the delivery complete with pounding rhythm tracks and all sorts of analog squeaks and noises. It's a bit of a throw-back as it's definitely got an 80's feel to it, but one of the best records in that style I've heard lately. ASG are a very good soundtrack to a night out on the town.... if your town is Berlin and your night starts at a 3am and brings you to a dingy club under the train tracks.

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